‘Parent Inner Circle’, is a new kind of parenting membership site where subscribers pay just $17 per month to access to a host of resources with the aim of helping you be a better parent. Resources include:


1.  Monthly FUN activities to do with your children. They will be tailored to the right time of year and will be both indoor and outdoor. This element is essential to keep your children fit and healthy, entertained, help develop their creativity and a host of other factors, which are essential to their development.

2.  Teaching your children to think is one of the most important things you can do. We will support you in that vital area by providing month by month ‘thinking skills challenges’ for you go through with your kids.  Once you have read my article on Thinking Skills in ‘The Parents Member’ area, you see why!

3.  Ideas for dealing with different types of behaviour problems. So often, I see needless contact by parents with children on something the children have done, e.g. supermarket misbehaviour. My point is that, it could have been avoided altogether or managed better by the parent. So, here we give you tips each month on a different topic of behaviour to help you be a better parent.

4.  Special Educational Needs (SEN) help. We have a panel of experts that have many years hands on experience when dealing with children. If you have a question, then we can help… just ask!

5.  ‘ Special tips’ for each month. Each month we will provide Members of Parents Inner Circle with a topic, which we think is important your child’s development. A live example is, ’19 points to develop creativity in your child’. These tasks range from simple arts and crafts in the home through to attending an Art Gallery or Museum, so that they can understand the whole process.

6.  Ideas on how to celebrate your kids special times. This month it’s birthdays, so a list of great ideas is provided. Some of the points are obvious (of course) but some are not. So very worthwhile….just come in and see.

7.  We will provide you on a monthly basis lots of FREE information & videos to help you be a great parent. Another live example are 2 video’s that show you how to teach your children to be safe on Facebook and the Internet as a whole.

There will be an abundance of information available to Members.

Are you a member yet?

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After that, if you like what you see, then we’ll start billing you the full $17. Less than a price of a cup of coffee and a bun per week!

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