1st day back at school

Hi there

Their faces said it all! Ffion and Mari went back today and despite being excited at some aspects of returning to school, they were broadly non plused!

Where has this 6 weeks gone?

This year again, we holidayed from home, which meant that we were at the beck and call of the weather… oh heck…no beach!

We had great fun! So many memorable things, but the highlight for me was split between camping in the Brecon Beacons and spending the day at Castell Carreg Cennen near Llandeilo.

We have everything in Wales…just look at the pictures!

Except the weather of course…




How to Raise Children Successfully

Setting up camp!

How to Raise Children Successfully




How to raise children successfully

How do you get in?


How to Raise Children Successfully

Castell Carreg Cennen


View from outside


How to be the best parent?




How to Raise Children Successfully book & Amazon Kindle

Hi there

This marriage between me and IT continues a pace with the recent availability of my book, ‘How to Raise Children Successfully’, on Amazon Kindle at a reallly low price of £6.98/$9.99 + tax!

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Summer holidays begin..

Hey there!

When the weather has been as poor as it has been, you forget that the school holidays are creeping up on you… well that’s what happened this year.

We arrived at the end of school term in the rain! School sports day was cancelled…twice,  the school BBQ has already become the indoor Summer Fayre, …you get the idea.

We had a first here. My eldest daughter Cerys went on a school trip to Germany (meant to improve the language…ye right), and, judging by the texts, she had an awesome time… and some!

I was worried for her, whether she’d be ok away from home in a foreign country etc, but she was fine. Too good in fact! She had “a blast!”

The other two girls were lost. Without their biggest sister to lead, love and play they were seemingly quiet.

Ffion went to a club on Thursday night, so I was able to get some great time with just Mari. It is amazing to have one to one time with each child and would encourage you to make real efforts in that arena. The topics & conversations are completely different…

Luckily, I anticipated this quietness and planned a day out at a local Roman amphitheatre in Caerleon on Saturday, so we could enjoy a picnic and play some games. They had a great time and so did I despite having an unusual headache!

Cerys duly arrived back buzzing at 12.15am, completely loved it!

Just have to deal with the lack of sleep now…

Hope you all have a happy, healthy summer wherever you are!





“Whilst my plane was crashing”

Hi there

Just came across this video. It is compelling viewing…watch it today.

Click here to watch it…

I hope you will never be in a position like that?

Just imagine what it would feel like, to think that you were not going to have a chance again to be the best Dad you could be…

Then, imagine getting that chance to do things properly… After I saw this video, I did three things:

  1. I made sure I was doing the right things with the kids at the right time!
  2. I cut down my working late at night hours.
  3. I also cut out the negative energy contacts, that WEAR YOU DOWN!

The timing was perfect for me; to ensure that I continued being the best Dad I could possibly be! I know that along the way I got sidetracked …

…or tired? Ring any bells?

If I can lead you to do one thing today…it’s to put a solid plan in motion to give your family the life they deserve and more of your most valuable commoditytime!


Starting today, click here to follow a blueprint for a better life for your family…




P.S. What are your 3 most important things in life? Let me know in the comments below and please ‘Like’ too.

May, my favourite month!

Hi there,

May is my best month of the year…bar none.

The Sun brings all the right ingredients together…

  • Warm weather.
  • Longer & lighter days, so more time is spent outside.
  • Flowers end their patient wait and explode with colour.
  • Woodlands show off their best prizes, which for me is wild garlic. The smell is AWESOME! I also adore Rhododendrons too…

April mind, does take some beating because one of natures best, the Bluebell provides the prettiest carpet I have ever seen. We certainly enjoyed them this year in the Wenallt Woods! Here is a picture of our activities.


How to Raise Children Successfully

Things to do in April

In addition, we enjoyed a superb 4 night break in heaven, aka Pembrokeshire. When the sun is shining, there is simply no-where better. Wales has it all, mountains, sea, Castles, people and history! I absolutely adore our culture.

Enough said, enjoy the coming summer…wherever you are!

What a view!

Don't stand under the stones!

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On track

Hi there,

I sometimes feel that my life is so hectic, that I miss those ‘tiny moments’. However, this morning was definitely one of those and I relished every second. My 12 year old daughter, Cerys was stood beside me in the kitchen and said she’d like Lemon Curd on her bagels for breakfast. She then promptly set about making fresh Lemon Curd.

The result 20 minutes later was simply stunning and was done without so much as a word from me.

This was indeed a massive pat on the back. Good parenting is understanding that teaching them just takes time. You show them the way, and hope that the lesson are being taken on board. This morning was payback time …in bucket fulls.

Added to that, all the kids made and decorated chocolate cup cakes for their mother (also made beautiful posters and cards) without any help from me, as part of mothering Sunday.

Finally, Mari (aged 6) jumped 2 classes in her swimming lessons and Ffion (aged 10) moved up 1 class too. They were given achievement certificates and badges, which suitably reflected their new found pride! It was fully deserved.

So, this is one day that I actually am going to say…you reap what you sow …and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it! Thanks kids… I love you! x



At last, spring has sprung!

Hi there,

Not even going to look at the date…but I know it’s a long time since I last posted.

Can’t begin to explain how busy life has been. Coupled with that, we’ve had our annual Rugby tournament (RBS 6 Nations), where the top 6 European Countries play against each other for the coveted trophy. We came 4th, again!

Move on quickly…

The weather here is absolutely stunning for this time of year. 17 degrees Celsius during the day in unheard of, so the birds, daffodils and gardeners have been going overtime…I just love it!

That allowed us last weekend to take our 1st bike ride of the year. Whilst Ffion was at a party (again), the rest of us headed down to the path at Sophia Gardens where we ended up outside the Glamorgan Cricket ground. Much to Mari’s chagrin, we had to turn around and make sure we were in time to pick up her sibling.

Tonight, the clocks move forward to introduce British Summer Time. That means light nights… I love ’em! I asked the kids what they loved about summer. They all had their own unique answers but missed the obvious one for me…BBQ. Bring it on!

Don’t forget to look at the night sky at the moment…stars are simply stunning!

Health & love,


2010 Christmas message.

Hi there ya’ll!

It’s nearly time to decide on your New Year’s Resolutions!

You could consider eating healthier or  maybe exercising more. Maybe you’re going to cut back on your bad habits and improve on your best. Or, maybe you’re going to start adding to your savings account every time you get a bonus, rather than finding something to spend it on!

I have a New Year’s Resolution you absolutely must consider putting above all those, so, number 1 on your list.

Find out what it is by watching my newly released Christmas message Video, filmed last weekend during the heavy snow.

Watch the video here.

Here’s a hint: Charles Darwin said that survival goes not to the member of the species who is the smartest or strongest, but to the one who is the most able to adapt to change.

I bet you’re wondering how this hint ties into what I believe is a crucial New Year’s Resolution for people like you and me —people who are really looking forward to creating positive change in their lives forever.

Watch my Christmas Video to learn more!

I know it’s not always easy to come up with a New Year’s Resolution that:

a) you know you can keep!

b) you know will make a positive impact on your life.

And that’s why I’m sharing what I regard as a critical Resolution.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Here’s To Your Success—This Year and Next…


Christmas lists!

Hi there!

If you are anything like me, you’ll already be hugely excited about Christmas! With only 18 sleeps to go, there is not much time left to get in all your jobs (including work!).

I love doing the preparatory stuff with the girls. Things like Christmas lists, letters to Santa, speaking to the elves on-line and making reindeer food etc. So, I thought I’d create a couple of special forms for you to use with your children when writing to Santa. Have them with my complements.

All that I ask, is that you pay this act of kindness forward to 3 other people so that you make a small but important difference in this troublesome world.

Health and happiness!

Click here for a letter to Santa.

Click here for directions for Santa.


First snow brings chaos but fun!

Hi there,

This weekend saw the first snowfall of the year. The surprising thing is, is that we never have snow before December, so this was a real treat!! Being on a weekend made it simply wonderful.

I have attached a few photos of our 2 day sledging fun. The images are simply stunning and captures nature at its very best (and the kids of course!)

We had a mixture of snow mobiles, but can honestly say for soft snow, polystyrene surf boards and fertiliser bags (filled with hay or straw – thanks to Grandad) are the best to glide over the powdery stuff, whilst still giving you some degree of control!

The other point about snow is that it brings the opportunity for hot chocolate! When you are cold to the core, nothing else will do. Add to that 2 lots of home soup, then life begins to be complete!

Finally, add the fact that Ffion and Mari’s school fair was on Saturday, created a real Christmas buzz and couple that with Ffion’s school choir winning a Christmas carol competition late on Sunday made it a real weekend to remember!!

Thank you good fairies everywhere!!



Kids sledging Nov 2010

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