Love your child!

Hi there ya’ll,

Looking at my journal just indicates one thing…complete immersion in internet marketing, which I am doing simultaneously. I can clearly see that I have worked more hours than a junior Doctor…again!

However, I am pleased to say that I have earned my first dollar on line, which I am delighted about, so the huge effort is definitely worth it.

With regards to this site, things are beginning to move. On April 13th, I had generated 24 views to the web site….how? I just don’t know.

Social marketing has certainly helped with new participation in Delicious & Reddit, but the main interest is with Facebook. Forgive me, I used to think it was mainly used by bored teenagers who couldn’t be bothered to put a full days work in. However, I stand corrected. I listened to a guy called Robert Grant who had made millions through using the power of Facebook to create substantial sales. So, without delay I set up a new FAN Page and if you are reading this please become a fan of ‘How to Raise Children Successfully’ , which is linked to me. Thanks.

Interstingly, the blog site is growing. We have 2 additional pages:

1. Fun activities for children

2. Recipes

These will be updated on a monthly basis going forward and are meant to help parents with ideas for things to do and easy and nutricious recipes.

The whole point though is to start building this site into a membership or a micro community, where people will pay to subscribe so that they can they can take advantage of monthly menus and monthly activity planners for children. I firmly believe that is where the future lies.

So looking back again to my journal, I can see that last Friday, I submitted an article to Ezine, Go Articles and entitled ‘How to love your child’. It is an excellent article. If you don’t cuddle your child enough or tell them you love them all the time, I would enourage you to read it.

Finally, how bizarre is this. I checked my Google analytics today (Monday night). The last 30 days has evidenced 113 views to this my blog site. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to read my updates. I hope you enjoy them.

To our success.


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