Christmas Ideas eBook

Hi again,

I know, I know…like buses…none for a while, then 2 arrive all at once!

Have been super busy behind the scenes on loads of things! I am thrilled to tell you about an eBook I have been working on (with my assistant) for the past few weeks…is now available on Kindle.

US version here

UK version here

It’s called ‘Christmas Ideas’. We basically investigated many of the lovely traditions we see today surrounding Christmas and have suggested how they may have come about the in first place & sometimes their meaning! Some of the answers will really blow your mind!

We’ve also taken the opportunity to provides some heart warming ideas for Christmas activities for your children this year, suggesting things that I think, are super exciting!

You old fashioned folk (like me) can get the normal eBook version here for just $7.97!


P.S.This is news to me, but buying a Kindle version means that you can download it onto all types of mobile platforms…not just Kindle! Darn those Amazon people are good!



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