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Parenting Inner Circle now just $17


Been mulling this over for a while…

When we started this site, easy & wholesome menus for kids were few and far between. Now with each day that passes, more and more web sites are appearing, which are really good.

Therefore, we have decided to withdraw the weekly menu section and concentrate on providing great content, ideas and support through our parenting inner circle.

That means good news for our subscribers; a saving of $10 off your monthly payment, making your commitment just $17 per calendar month…heck that’s less than one miserly coffee per week!

Happy days!





“Whilst my plane was crashing”

Hi there

Just came across this video. It is compelling viewing…watch it today.

Click here to watch it…

I hope you will never be in a position like that?

Just imagine what it would feel like, to think that you were not going to have a chance again to be the best Dad you could be…

Then, imagine getting that chance to do things properly… After I saw this video, I did three things:

  1. I made sure I was doing the right things with the kids at the right time!
  2. I cut down my working late at night hours.
  3. I also cut out the negative energy contacts, that WEAR YOU DOWN!

The timing was perfect for me; to ensure that I continued being the best Dad I could possibly be! I know that along the way I got sidetracked …

…or tired? Ring any bells?

If I can lead you to do one thing today…it’s to put a solid plan in motion to give your family the life they deserve and more of your most valuable commoditytime!


Starting today, click here to follow a blueprint for a better life for your family…




P.S. What are your 3 most important things in life? Let me know in the comments below and please ‘Like’ too.

May, my favourite month!

Hi there,

May is my best month of the year…bar none.

The Sun brings all the right ingredients together…

  • Warm weather.
  • Longer & lighter days, so more time is spent outside.
  • Flowers end their patient wait and explode with colour.
  • Woodlands show off their best prizes, which for me is wild garlic. The smell is AWESOME! I also adore Rhododendrons too…

April mind, does take some beating because one of natures best, the Bluebell provides the prettiest carpet I have ever seen. We certainly enjoyed them this year in the Wenallt Woods! Here is a picture of our activities.


How to Raise Children Successfully

Things to do in April

In addition, we enjoyed a superb 4 night break in heaven, aka Pembrokeshire. When the sun is shining, there is simply no-where better. Wales has it all, mountains, sea, Castles, people and history! I absolutely adore our culture.

Enough said, enjoy the coming summer…wherever you are!

What a view!

Don't stand under the stones!

If you need some ideas on activities or recipes for the kids, check out the Parenting Inner Circle. Take up the FREE offer…



Holiday heaven!

Hi there everyone!

Wow… that’s all I can say! Have been flat out on life really… I am also in the middle of creating a membership site on my Internet Marketing site (, so it’s pretty mad!!

Suffice to say that the summer holidays were fab. Despite having really poor weather most days, we managed to do loads of superb things like:

  • Walking in the rain through woods.
  • BBQ ‘ing at home (prepared all of our own food)
  • Lots of cooking, including brownies, sweet potato soup, courgette chutney (ooh) and a new ice cream fruit filler, which is delicious….Pineapple!
  • Museum visits
  • Craft mornings
  • Castle visits
  • Walks along the Glamorgan canal (very famous)
  • Toy Story 3 in 3D.
  • New hairstyles for the girls…even Mari, who is a tom boy!!
  • DVD afternoon (Uncle Buck…how I miss John Candy)
  • Beach BBQ with own burgers and pasta salad made by Ffion (9)

We essentially created a timetable for the 2 weeks and moved things around as the weather allowed us. Looking back, in was absolutely great! I am so lucky! I loved spending time with the babas, who are 12, 9 & 6!

Finally, feedback on the book is excellent & sales are progressing! My next job is to monetise the membership site. So, if you want life to be a little less stressed and more involved with your children, then the $27 fee is very modest indeed!!

In fact, the first 7 days is free, so you have nothing to lose! Want ideas for a memorable September? Get it in there!

I look forward to seeing you.

best wishes


Parent Inner Circle Membership site is now live.

Hey there!

Just coming up to 5pm here in the UK and am shooting out to a meeting, but before I went, I thought I’d mention some exciting news on my brand new membership site, which is now live.

For just $77 per month, I will help and guide you to be a better parent. From feeding your children nutritious food (no rubbish here) through to planning an activity…it’s all there.

So, for the equivalent price of a cup of coffee per day, you can be assured of great content, which is regularly updated.

Why not try it? First 7 days is free… enough said! Click here…

A plan is hatched…content is king!

Hi there,

Where do the days go? Since last writing I have been flat out on researching:

1. Membership site conversion plug ins.

2. Content and software for the new site.

I have also established a framework for the launch, which will essentially consist of:

1. Offer an outstanding low ticket intro (in terms of price) but full of great content e.g. eBook of ‘How to raise children successfully’, along with audio and bonus.

2. Small upsell with a 50% gain to include physical version of my new book, suggested menus and VIP consulations.

3. All info captured for ongoing email marketing for sales of products and services… and Big Ticket event offer in 2011.

4. Finally, all sales and leads to be offered entry into membership site priced at $97 per month, where the content is going to be electric.

The Membership site will be content rich and will offer extremely good value. Subscribers will have access to:

  • Monthly newsletters
  • Educational reports on key topics, such as ‘How to…’
  • Webinars/videos
  • Timely fun activities.
  • Quick recipes to include suggested healthy menus, planners and shopping lists.
  • Thinking skills challenges.
  • Tips for the month
  • Lots of other good stuff.

The site essentially, will build up to a ‘one stop shop’ for that busy adult who wants to be the best parent they can be.

So, I have my work cut out… still. I need to push the book in the direction of publishers asap because that will be a cornerstone of my initial offer. Unfortunately, this priority has fallen behind of late because of everything else going in my world at the moment.

However, I remain very focussed & excited about the future and the following picture captures the challenges that I feel I am conquering at the moment.

This is me and my girls on top of Pen y Fan, South Wales’ highest mountain at just under 4,000 feet high last but one weekend.

Pen y Fan, Brecon

We made it!

If you have any thoughts on anything you’d like to see in my membership pages, then please let me know.

To our success!


Publishers are like golf clubs…full of their own self importance!

Hey there y’all,

Well the time has flown…again. Can’t believe that 3 weeks has past since I last blogged!

Ok, plenty to share…

1. Book

I’ve got a bit dynamic on the book publishing front. Am not submitting to one publisher and waiting for feedback anymore….it takes too long to be told that they are not taking on any new titles… 4 weeks later!!!! So, have submitted synopsis to 4 new publishers.

Bought (on the internet of course) ‘The Writers and Artists Yearbook’ from Waterstones, which apparently is essential if you want to publish a book. It contains all the publishers names and more importantly the specialisms they cover. It also holds details of literary agents, whom will work on your behalf to get you published for a 15% cut (bargain).

So, am just waiting for some spare time to go through this mammoth book and scratch out a new strategy.

The final point here is that I found a very useful service from the The Writers Workshop who will do a publishing consultation for £230. That means that the book will be read by an experienced writer and full frank feedback provided. Just need to find the £230 somewhere…got any ideas?

In addition, they gave me the names of 3 self publishing companies that they rate, whom are Matador, Lifelines, and finally Lulu. However, this is a last resort apparently, so let’s wait and see.

2. Membership site

This is gathering tremendous momentum now. Have gone through a consultation period whereby I have asked various forums on whether it’s better to add a plugin into WordPress, which will then convert your site to a membership one or build a brand new one.

The result is overwhelming. Convert your exisiting site. It’s cheaper, quicker & easier. There are several good companies out there that can handle this change and as a result I have chosen (part of Infusionsoft).

So, in the interim time the hard work begins. I need to gather, collate and input the following:

1. Food page, to include suggested weekly menus, receipes, cooking with kids, foods in season etc

2. Fun activities with kids page, to include indoor and outdoor suggestions. Seasonal activities and suggested new stuff to do.

3. Tips for the month.

4. Thinking skill page – challenges for the month.

5. Behaviour page – how to…

6. School page to highlight what they should be doing at school at different year groups.

So, I have plenty to do!

I am committed to making the site as helpful and as useful as possible with absolutely GREAT CONTENT.

So, I need a favour please. I need to know that if I charged $97 per month for exclusive access to this inner circle, would you be willing to pay that sum? Please let me have your comments for consideration.

Finally, if of course you have other ideas you like to see on the web page, then again please let me know.

That’s it for now.

To our success!


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