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Happy Easter 2012


I know, I know…it’s been 3 months and all I can do is apologise!

Life just doesn’t get any slower but I love it! I am sitting here on the computer with kids in bed (back from West Wales yesterday, tired…good and bad) and am waiting for the washing machine to finish! Doh…

Today has been my last day of work before I take a week off and have some fab time with the kids. I am pleased to say that with the great help of Tesco vouchers and Travelodge we have been able to book 2 nights in London for what seems like small change…

The kids are soooo excited. Each has a made a list of things to do whilst they are there (lots of overlaps thankfully) and they pulled out their saved money to blow… I know, no excuses!

Anyway, I’ll report back with pictures. No doubt there will be many…

As a local subscriber, as an Easter surprise…I also thought I’d let you know that I have reduced the price of my book ‘How to Raise Children Successfully’ to just $13.99…. way too cheap I know. Get your copy on the left hand side of the post.

Anyway, what ever you are doing this holiday, make sure you tell someone they mean the world to you.




1st day back at school

Hi there

Their faces said it all! Ffion and Mari went back today and despite being excited at some aspects of returning to school, they were broadly non plused!

Where has this 6 weeks gone?

This year again, we holidayed from home, which meant that we were at the beck and call of the weather… oh heck…no beach!

We had great fun! So many memorable things, but the highlight for me was split between camping in the Brecon Beacons and spending the day at Castell Carreg Cennen near Llandeilo.

We have everything in Wales…just look at the pictures!

Except the weather of course…




How to Raise Children Successfully

Setting up camp!

How to Raise Children Successfully




How to raise children successfully

How do you get in?


How to Raise Children Successfully

Castell Carreg Cennen


View from outside


How to be the best parent?




May, my favourite month!

Hi there,

May is my best month of the year…bar none.

The Sun brings all the right ingredients together…

  • Warm weather.
  • Longer & lighter days, so more time is spent outside.
  • Flowers end their patient wait and explode with colour.
  • Woodlands show off their best prizes, which for me is wild garlic. The smell is AWESOME! I also adore Rhododendrons too…

April mind, does take some beating because one of natures best, the Bluebell provides the prettiest carpet I have ever seen. We certainly enjoyed them this year in the Wenallt Woods! Here is a picture of our activities.


How to Raise Children Successfully

Things to do in April

In addition, we enjoyed a superb 4 night break in heaven, aka Pembrokeshire. When the sun is shining, there is simply no-where better. Wales has it all, mountains, sea, Castles, people and history! I absolutely adore our culture.

Enough said, enjoy the coming summer…wherever you are!

What a view!

Don't stand under the stones!

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Holiday heaven!

Hi there everyone!

Wow… that’s all I can say! Have been flat out on life really… I am also in the middle of creating a membership site on my Internet Marketing site (, so it’s pretty mad!!

Suffice to say that the summer holidays were fab. Despite having really poor weather most days, we managed to do loads of superb things like:

  • Walking in the rain through woods.
  • BBQ ‘ing at home (prepared all of our own food)
  • Lots of cooking, including brownies, sweet potato soup, courgette chutney (ooh) and a new ice cream fruit filler, which is delicious….Pineapple!
  • Museum visits
  • Craft mornings
  • Castle visits
  • Walks along the Glamorgan canal (very famous)
  • Toy Story 3 in 3D.
  • New hairstyles for the girls…even Mari, who is a tom boy!!
  • DVD afternoon (Uncle Buck…how I miss John Candy)
  • Beach BBQ with own burgers and pasta salad made by Ffion (9)

We essentially created a timetable for the 2 weeks and moved things around as the weather allowed us. Looking back, in was absolutely great! I am so lucky! I loved spending time with the babas, who are 12, 9 & 6!

Finally, feedback on the book is excellent & sales are progressing! My next job is to monetise the membership site. So, if you want life to be a little less stressed and more involved with your children, then the $27 fee is very modest indeed!!

In fact, the first 7 days is free, so you have nothing to lose! Want ideas for a memorable September? Get it in there!

I look forward to seeing you.

best wishes


Ski heaven & 100 Day plan!


Well, we all got back in one piece and the holiday was fantastic!

I have 3 beauties who are now excellent skiers. Pretty impressive noting that they have never even held ski before.What was memorable? Well in this order:

  1. Seeing the kids confidence build over the week, which resulted in us going on some pretty steep blue runs.
  2. Absolutely no TV for a week so plenty of chat, swimming and games. Oh and cuddles! 🙂
  3. Excellent scenery (and the kids actually being impressed by mountains, stars and sunsets etc – actually I knew they would, they always do.)
  4. French croissants & French bread with apricot jam…..oh!
  5. Picnic lunch of French bread and ham.

The levels of snow we had was signifcant, we only had 2 sunny days. The rest of the time was snowing, as evidenced by this picture:

Coming back has been tough. It is an absolute delight to spend every second in 24 hours with the children, who at different times were excited, exasperated, grateful and tired. I love dealing with these emotions because it is my job to steer the outcome. We always choose patience & positivity!

This week has been about catching up at work….which was a nighmare for all types of reasons. I limped to the weekend but the good news is that I’ve started the 100 day Challenge again (see below for details), so I have set up some new goals and an action plan.

The outcome of this planning is that I am going to be really pushing for the book to be published and have given it a deadline of the end of June! After that, we’ll self publish, create a sales page on the web and begin a membership site for all type of excellent things for parents. If you have any particular requests, please log them in your comments.

That’s it for today. Sun is shining, so its time to get out.

To our success.


3rd time lucky for a Welshman?

Hey there!

The title kind of gives it away eh? Seren, Wales’ largest publisher said “dim diolch” to my new book because it is not within their current remit, which kind of winds me up because their web site was overwhelming with advice on how to present stuff in the correct way to them, but lacking in what their current flavour is!

Some might suggest that the book must be s**t then, but as a hands on Dad, the advice in there would have been invaluable to me in my early days. So I’ll stay the course…

I tried to keep the business in Wales to support the economy but unfortunately I have to now approach bespoke English or even American publishers. Children are the same the whole world around, arent they? So here goes.

I am holiday tomorrow for a week with my babies. It will be very welcome time with the girls because:

1. We are going skiing for the very 1st time together, which is very special to us all.

2. I abolsutely adore France and its mountains.

3. I am worn out with the amount of time and effort I am putting into life at the moment. So a break is very welcome.

For the next week, it will be coffee and croissant, hot chocolate and crepes, and beef with red wine. Oh, and a beer on the balcony with lots of fresh air, cuddles and games.

It will also give me the time to pin point my future strategy with  the book and this web site.

Well, watch this space. I’ll report back in a week or so on how everyone got on with their ski lessons. I have already packed the ski helmets!



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