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Happy Easter 2012


I know, I know…it’s been 3 months and all I can do is apologise!

Life just doesn’t get any slower but I love it! I am sitting here on the computer with kids in bed (back from West Wales yesterday, tired…good and bad) and am waiting for the washing machine to finish! Doh…

Today has been my last day of work before I take a week off and have some fab time with the kids. I am pleased to say that with the great help of Tesco vouchers and Travelodge we have been able to book 2 nights in London for what seems like small change…

The kids are soooo excited. Each has a made a list of things to do whilst they are there (lots of overlaps thankfully) and they pulled out their saved money to blow… I know, no excuses!

Anyway, I’ll report back with pictures. No doubt there will be many…

As a local subscriber, as an Easter surprise…I also thought I’d let you know that I have reduced the price of my book ‘How to Raise Children Successfully’ to just $13.99…. way too cheap I know. Get your copy on the left hand side of the post.

Anyway, what ever you are doing this holiday, make sure you tell someone they mean the world to you.




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