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Happy Halloween!

Hi there,

That time of year again… Halloween…yay, I love it!

It’s the 29th and:

1. Pumkins are carved (their own designs this year…nice one’s too!)

2. Costumes and fake blood got! Mari wanted glow in the dark vampire teeth?….scary!

3. Doing trick and treat lanterns today (bit of a project…but am sure will be fine!)

4. Baking tomorrow…limiting our stuff this year becaue it’s a school day but will have usual stuff… Graveyard cake, witches brew and lovely hot soup with real sausage hot dogs!

Looking forward to it tremendously!

What ever you are doing this weekend, I hope you to have a lovely time!

P.S. If you get a chance sometime, could you check out my rebranded blog over at Thanks…

Happy Halloween!






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