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May, my favourite month!

Hi there,

May is my best month of the year…bar none.

The Sun brings all the right ingredients together…

  • Warm weather.
  • Longer & lighter days, so more time is spent outside.
  • Flowers end their patient wait and explode with colour.
  • Woodlands show off their best prizes, which for me is wild garlic. The smell is AWESOME! I also adore Rhododendrons too…

April mind, does take some beating because one of natures best, the Bluebell provides the prettiest carpet I have ever seen. We certainly enjoyed them this year in the Wenallt Woods! Here is a picture of our activities.


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Things to do in April

In addition, we enjoyed a superb 4 night break in heaven, aka Pembrokeshire. When the sun is shining, there is simply no-where better. Wales has it all, mountains, sea, Castles, people and history! I absolutely adore our culture.

Enough said, enjoy the coming summer…wherever you are!

What a view!

Don't stand under the stones!

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