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On track

Hi there,

I sometimes feel that my life is so hectic, that I miss those ‘tiny moments’. However, this morning was definitely one of those and I relished every second. My 12 year old daughter, Cerys was stood beside me in the kitchen and said she’d like Lemon Curd on her bagels for breakfast. She then promptly set about making fresh Lemon Curd.

The result 20 minutes later was simply stunning and was done without so much as a word from me.

This was indeed a massive pat on the back. Good parenting is understanding that teaching them just takes time. You show them the way, and hope that the lesson are being taken on board. This morning was payback time …in bucket fulls.

Added to that, all the kids made and decorated chocolate cup cakes for their mother (also made beautiful posters and cards) without any help from me, as part of mothering Sunday.

Finally, Mari (aged 6) jumped 2 classes in her swimming lessons and Ffion (aged 10) moved up 1 class too. They were given achievement certificates and badges, which suitably reflected their new found pride! It was fully deserved.

So, this is one day that I actually am going to say…you reap what you sow …and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it! Thanks kids… I love you! x



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