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At last, spring has sprung!

Hi there,

Not even going to look at the date…but I know it’s a long time since I last posted.

Can’t begin to explain how busy life has been. Coupled with that, we’ve had our annual Rugby tournament (RBS 6 Nations), where the top 6 European Countries play against each other for the coveted trophy. We came 4th, again!

Move on quickly…

The weather here is absolutely stunning for this time of year. 17 degrees Celsius during the day in unheard of, so the birds, daffodils and gardeners have been going overtime…I just love it!

That allowed us last weekend to take our 1st bike ride of the year. Whilst Ffion was at a party (again), the rest of us headed down to the path at Sophia Gardens where we ended up outside the Glamorgan Cricket ground. Much to Mari’s chagrin, we had to turn around and make sure we were in time to pick up her sibling.

Tonight, the clocks move forward to introduce British Summer Time. That means light nights… I love ’em! I asked the kids what they loved about summer. They all had their own unique answers but missed the obvious one for me…BBQ. Bring it on!

Don’t forget to look at the night sky at the moment…stars are simply stunning!

Health & love,


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