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Blackberry Ice cream

Hi all,

As the Blackberry season is coming to and end, I thought I’d remind you to make an effort to gather them before it is too late. Why? 2 puddings, which are world class:

1. Blackberry pie (ooh), fresh from the oven!

2. Blackberry ice cream.

Here’s receipe we follow. Enjoy!

Serves 8 – Ready in 20 minutes plus freezing



  1. Put the blackberries and the apple juice in a small pan, bring to a simmer and cook for 5 minutes. Add the sugar, heat gently until dissolved, then bring to the boil and simmer gently for 3-4 minutes to thicken the syrup a little. Cool, then scoop out 3 tbsp of the blackberries and keep to one side. Purée the rest of the berries and the syrup with a hand blender and rub through a sieve to get rid of the pips.
  2. Beat the double cream to soft peaks, then pour in the condensed milk and vanilla extract and whisk again to soft peaks. Pour the mixture into a freezer-proof box, and drizzle over half of the blackberry purée. With a rubber spatula or large spoon, stir the mixture once in a figure-of-eight, just to ripple the purée through. Cover with a lid and freeze for at least 3 hours.
  3. To serve, mix the rest of the purée with the saved blackberries. Scoop the ice cream into bowls and spoon over the purée.

Here’s one I made earlier!

Hope you enjoy it as much was we do!! In fact any fruit will do!!

Homemade Blackberry Ice cream!

Holiday heaven!

Hi there everyone!

Wow… that’s all I can say! Have been flat out on life really… I am also in the middle of creating a membership site on my Internet Marketing site (, so it’s pretty mad!!

Suffice to say that the summer holidays were fab. Despite having really poor weather most days, we managed to do loads of superb things like:

  • Walking in the rain through woods.
  • BBQ ‘ing at home (prepared all of our own food)
  • Lots of cooking, including brownies, sweet potato soup, courgette chutney (ooh) and a new ice cream fruit filler, which is delicious….Pineapple!
  • Museum visits
  • Craft mornings
  • Castle visits
  • Walks along the Glamorgan canal (very famous)
  • Toy Story 3 in 3D.
  • New hairstyles for the girls…even Mari, who is a tom boy!!
  • DVD afternoon (Uncle Buck…how I miss John Candy)
  • Beach BBQ with own burgers and pasta salad made by Ffion (9)

We essentially created a timetable for the 2 weeks and moved things around as the weather allowed us. Looking back, in was absolutely great! I am so lucky! I loved spending time with the babas, who are 12, 9 & 6!

Finally, feedback on the book is excellent & sales are progressing! My next job is to monetise the membership site. So, if you want life to be a little less stressed and more involved with your children, then the $27 fee is very modest indeed!!

In fact, the first 7 days is free, so you have nothing to lose! Want ideas for a memorable September? Get it in there!

I look forward to seeing you.

best wishes


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