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Video Dream Book

Hi there all,

Interesting one this. I hope it will stimulate The Law of Attraction….enjoy!


Visualisation + Emotion + Repetition = Success!

I love to hear what you goals and dreams are. Let me know in the comments below…

To our success,


New FREE eBook available

Parent Inner Circle Membership site is now live.

Hey there!

Just coming up to 5pm here in the UK and am shooting out to a meeting, but before I went, I thought I’d mention some exciting news on my brand new membership site, which is now live.

For just $77 per month, I will help and guide you to be a better parent. From feeding your children nutritious food (no rubbish here) through to planning an activity…it’s all there.

So, for the equivalent price of a cup of coffee per day, you can be assured of great content, which is regularly updated.

Why not try it? First 7 days is free… enough said! Click here…

‘How To Raise Children Successfully’ book here!

Hey everybody,

I have been having a great couple of days here in Wales… things have just gone right …for once.

It was no surprise therefore to receive the final proof in the mail today, so I quickly checked the amendments. They were done. I felt a great elation and let out my regulation “yessss”!

Within half an hour, I had written an email to my business colleagues to let them know the great news, Twittered & Facebooked its release. The messages back were lovely.

So it’s now available to buy through Amazon by following the link on the book.

My next task will be to work my strategy that I have created for its sale.

Talking about strategy, I have been working flat out on my NEW Membership site launching very, very soon…watch this space.

To our success,


A prayer to the Internet Marketing God.

Hi everyone

This is going to be brief… My useless ex-wife, who ‘can’t be bothered’ to do much because …”life’s too short” (you know the kind), poked fun at my IM efforts last night.

She described my blogging efforts as writing stories and raised her eyes in disgust as if to say “what a waste of time”…

Well, I am going to make her eat those unkind words a thousand times over one day, but to help me along … I thought I’d devise a prayer to help.

Guide me, oh thy great IM redeemer,

To the road signposted ‘Financial freedom’,

Liberate me from this crap I’m in,

And from the doubter known as my Ex Misses!

Lead, point, push or shove me to the way…

Your loyal & dedicated servant as always.


Here’s the things…I have no hesitation in knowing that I will be a big success because I do all the right things and had a great mentor…it just takes time. However, the net is closing and am beginning to struggle.

HMS Joefizz has sprung a leak and … it’s big.

So, the only thing I haven’t done is ask for divine help…. so here it is. By the way it’s for us all!

Good luck!


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