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Publishers are like golf clubs…full of their own self importance!

Hey there y’all,

Well the time has flown…again. Can’t believe that 3 weeks has past since I last blogged!

Ok, plenty to share…

1. Book

I’ve got a bit dynamic on the book publishing front. Am not submitting to one publisher and waiting for feedback anymore….it takes too long to be told that they are not taking on any new titles… 4 weeks later!!!! So, have submitted synopsis to 4 new publishers.

Bought (on the internet of course) ‘The Writers and Artists Yearbook’ from Waterstones, which apparently is essential if you want to publish a book. It contains all the publishers names and more importantly the specialisms they cover. It also holds details of literary agents, whom will work on your behalf to get you published for a 15% cut (bargain).

So, am just waiting for some spare time to go through this mammoth book and scratch out a new strategy.

The final point here is that I found a very useful service from the The Writers Workshop who will do a publishing consultation for £230. That means that the book will be read by an experienced writer and full frank feedback provided. Just need to find the £230 somewhere…got any ideas?

In addition, they gave me the names of 3 self publishing companies that they rate, whom are Matador, Lifelines, and finally Lulu. However, this is a last resort apparently, so let’s wait and see.

2. Membership site

This is gathering tremendous momentum now. Have gone through a consultation period whereby I have asked various forums on whether it’s better to add a plugin into WordPress, which will then convert your site to a membership one or build a brand new one.

The result is overwhelming. Convert your exisiting site. It’s cheaper, quicker & easier. There are several good companies out there that can handle this change and as a result I have chosen (part of Infusionsoft).

So, in the interim time the hard work begins. I need to gather, collate and input the following:

1. Food page, to include suggested weekly menus, receipes, cooking with kids, foods in season etc

2. Fun activities with kids page, to include indoor and outdoor suggestions. Seasonal activities and suggested new stuff to do.

3. Tips for the month.

4. Thinking skill page – challenges for the month.

5. Behaviour page – how to…

6. School page to highlight what they should be doing at school at different year groups.

So, I have plenty to do!

I am committed to making the site as helpful and as useful as possible with absolutely GREAT CONTENT.

So, I need a favour please. I need to know that if I charged $97 per month for exclusive access to this inner circle, would you be willing to pay that sum? Please let me have your comments for consideration.

Finally, if of course you have other ideas you like to see on the web page, then again please let me know.

That’s it for now.

To our success!


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