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My blog has now moved over to my book site…

Go here How to Raise Children Successfully  & catch up with shenanigans in the Evans household!  😎

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Happy Fathers Day!

What ever you are doing… love, be loved and enjoy!

Happy Fathers Day from the team at How to Raise Children Successfully!

Happy Easter 2012


I know, I know…it’s been 3 months and all I can do is apologise!

Life just doesn’t get any slower but I love it! I am sitting here on the computer with kids in bed (back from West Wales yesterday, tired…good and bad) and am waiting for the washing machine to finish! Doh…

Today has been my last day of work before I take a week off and have some fab time with the kids. I am pleased to say that with the great help of Tesco vouchers and Travelodge we have been able to book 2 nights in London for what seems like small change…

The kids are soooo excited. Each has a made a list of things to do whilst they are there (lots of overlaps thankfully) and they pulled out their saved money to blow… I know, no excuses!

Anyway, I’ll report back with pictures. No doubt there will be many…

As a local subscriber, as an Easter surprise…I also thought I’d let you know that I have reduced the price of my book ‘How to Raise Children Successfully’ to just $13.99…. way too cheap I know. Get your copy on the left hand side of the post.

Anyway, what ever you are doing this holiday, make sure you tell someone they mean the world to you.




Ffion’s fruit salad

Hi there

Just a short one today to let you know that my middle girl Ffion, got second place with this little beauty!


Well done cariad!

Turning out to be the family’s second Chef at just 11!


Love you…



Amazon Kindle

Hi there,

With just 13 sleeps to Christmas, you might like to get the best selling product on Amazon… ‘the Kindle’… here!



Happy shopping!


Christmas Ideas eBook

Hi again,

I know, I know…like buses…none for a while, then 2 arrive all at once!

Have been super busy behind the scenes on loads of things! I am thrilled to tell you about an eBook I have been working on (with my assistant) for the past few weeks…is now available on Kindle.

US version here

UK version here

It’s called ‘Christmas Ideas’. We basically investigated many of the lovely traditions we see today surrounding Christmas and have suggested how they may have come about the in first place & sometimes their meaning! Some of the answers will really blow your mind!

We’ve also taken the opportunity to provides some heart warming ideas for Christmas activities for your children this year, suggesting things that I think, are super exciting!

You old fashioned folk (like me) can get the normal eBook version here for just $7.97!


P.S.This is news to me, but buying a Kindle version means that you can download it onto all types of mobile platforms…not just Kindle! Darn those Amazon people are good!



Letters to Santa

Hi there!

With only 17 sleeps to Christmas, it’s nearly fever pitch here in the Evans household.

Christmas decorations are up (trees excepted – this weekends job) and letters to Santa have been done, its back to planning a really nice Christmas!

Let me know what you’ve got planned?




P.S. You are welcome to use these forms again, which were very popular last year!

Click here for a letter to Santa.

Click here for directions for Santa.


Parenting Inner Circle now just $17


Been mulling this over for a while…

When we started this site, easy & wholesome menus for kids were few and far between. Now with each day that passes, more and more web sites are appearing, which are really good.

Therefore, we have decided to withdraw the weekly menu section and concentrate on providing great content, ideas and support through our parenting inner circle.

That means good news for our subscribers; a saving of $10 off your monthly payment, making your commitment just $17 per calendar month…heck that’s less than one miserly coffee per week!

Happy days!





Halloween pictures.


We all had a great time! Friends of kids joined in too. We were like the Pied Piper in the end…

Hope you enjoy…






More pictures on Facebook page here:





Happy Halloween!

Hi there,

That time of year again… Halloween…yay, I love it!

It’s the 29th and:

1. Pumkins are carved (their own designs this year…nice one’s too!)

2. Costumes and fake blood got! Mari wanted glow in the dark vampire teeth?….scary!

3. Doing trick and treat lanterns today (bit of a project…but am sure will be fine!)

4. Baking tomorrow…limiting our stuff this year becaue it’s a school day but will have usual stuff… Graveyard cake, witches brew and lovely hot soup with real sausage hot dogs!

Looking forward to it tremendously!

What ever you are doing this weekend, I hope you to have a lovely time!

P.S. If you get a chance sometime, could you check out my rebranded blog over at Thanks…

Happy Halloween!






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